Solution for cosmetic dentistry

  • Hi,
    I have two children. One among them has the issue of gum receding. Until the age of 6, her teeth was fine. After that, the severe pain started. She is not able to eat anything and not able to go to school for the past month. Her teeth started to crack into small bits. We discussed this matter with my family members and friends. They all give different reviews. In between, we tried different methods like:
    1.oil pulling
    2.eucalyptus oil
    3.salt tea
    5.septlin fatty acid

    But, nothing works. We had gone through different sites and found that it's common among the small children.We are really confused about what to do next? What treatment we must do? One of my friends suggested about the cosmetic dentistry in Guelph. Is it good to have such type of treatment? Will there be any problems in the future? If you know any information regarding this, please leave a comment.

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