Need help to take care of my mom's garden..!!

  • Hey, I'm residing in Ontario. My mom used to maintain a beautiful garden in the backyard. When she put her feet up into the world of flowers and plants, she feels comfortable. She used to spend a lot of time in the garden. It was her favourite backyard heaven. Unfortunately, she is no more. Last month she met with a car accident and got severely injured on the head. We tried our best to get her back by providing the best medical facilities, but she went away. It's hard to believe that she is no more. Usually, she used to call me to go with her to the plant nursery to buy new flowers, plants and all. All those were some beautiful memories now.

    When I see the beautiful garden, I get a feeling that she is here. So I decided to maintain the garden as she used to keep it. But I don't have any idea about gardening. Can someone offer some tips on how to take care of the garden?

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